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Work with us.
Review our packages and contact us to get started.

Premier Custom Covers require a custom 



  2. All custom covers require custom photoshoots and professionally created assets.

  3. We feel this is the key to creating a unique world.

  4.  We start with an initial phone conversation and then develop a creative brief on the direction you want for your series branding. This includes the look of the characters, and overall aesthetics you would love to have for your series imagery. Our goal is to bring the world you have written to visual life.

  5. The Photoshoot is commissioned as the 1st step of the process / contracted in advance of the cover design schedule.

      The deliverables are all custom to your                      package and can be ordered at any time.


Photo shoot starting price approx. 
$1400.00 - $2,000.00 for the photo shoot.



  2. Price List of Production Services:

  • Paperback $125.00

  • Hardback $50.- as a duplicate of the paperback

  • Box Sets start at $250. - $550.

  • Hardcovers  $225.

  • Audio Cover $45.

  • Social Media Banners $200.

  • Interior formatting for e_Book $200.

  • Interior formatting for paperback, and hardcover $200.

  • Translations to foreign language

  • Series Logos - call for estimate

  • Motion graphics - call for estimate

  1. F file for one printing service of your choice (e.g. KDP or Lightning Source)

For authors who want to level up their branding, we recommend a Custom Cover Package


  2. Custom Cover created from G&S Stock Photography Collection


        Custom Stock Covers include two rounds          of revisions for the cover artwork and two          rounds of revisions on the typography.

         Upon approval this package will include             e_Covers formatted for all e_Retailers,               Hi Res PSD files and Jpegs.

  1. F file for one printing service of your choice (e.g. KDP or Lightning Source)

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